Hospitalizations, Emergency Room visits, outside labs, pathology services, cultures, no-scalpel vasectomies, imaging studies (x-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasounds, etc.), evaluations by other physicians and specialists, physical therapy, childhood vaccines, and prescription medications. 







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  Membership Fee Schedule

Services not covered by the Membership Fee

Services covered by the Membership Fee

Ask About No-Scalpel Vasectomies - No Membership Required!

  • Unlimited Office Visits
  • Wellness/Preventative Exams
  • Well Child Exams, including School and Sports Physicals
  • DOT/FMCSA Physicals
  • Basic Office Tests  (EKG's, urinalysis, strep tests, pregnancy tests, BP checks)
  • Office Screening Tests (vision screening, hearing screening and spirometry)
  • Basic In-Office Procedures (skin lesion excision, cryotherapy, etc.)
  • 24/7/365 Direct Access to the Office or Physician
  • Same Day or Next Business Day Appointments
  • Little or No Wait for Appointments
  • ​Significantly Reduced Lab Costs